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Barcelona bike: a different, sustainable and fun way to discover the city

Posted by happypeople on Thursday March 17th, 2016
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barcelona bike

At Happy People Barcelona we are happy to announce that from Easter we will offer our customers the opportunity to rent electric bicycles to explore Barcelona quickly, sustainably and without sweating. Get on one of our UUALK ebikes and reach everywhere without getting tired!

In this post you will find everything you need to know to ride a bike in Barcelona and we will suggest you the best routes to see the most important and beautiful areas of Barcelona, without losing a minute. In addition, we will also offer guided tours with electric bike, but we will keep this information for a next post;)

Recommendations for cycling in Barcelona:

barcelona bike

The use of bicycles in Barcelona is increasingly common! Each year there are more bike  lanes that help us to move with much more comfort and much safer. You’ll find maps of bike lanes on several websites over the Internet or in the local tourist office.

  • Bicycles are considered vehicles and therefore are expected to follow the Rules “Reglamento General de Circulación”. Ride in the right direction. Stay off sidewalks in commercial or pedestrian areas. Remember that the pedestrian always have preference. Never ride in a hurry.
  • Wearing a helmet is not required when you cycle inside the city, but it is recommended.
  • If you ride at night, use lights, reflectors and bright clothes to see and be seen. We must strive to be visible at all times, especially at night.
  • If you have to carry the bike on public transport, please note that during peak hours (morning and afternoon) it is not allowed either in the subway or commuter train.

We hope these tips will be useful!

Routes: We have selected the best routes to enjoy and make the most of Barcelona.

ROUTE 1: Barcelona beaches:

barcelona bike

Beginning with the Columbus monument, crossing the picturesque neighborhood of Barceloneta, you can reach the Forum, bordering the sea by the bike lane, a relaxing and pleasant walk. It is ideal for families of all kinds or friends.

Difficulty: LEVEL 1 – Leisure – Easy. With small ramps but mostly flat.

ROUTE 2: Gothic Quarter:

barcelona bike

Browse the Gothic, cycling is a unique and unforgettable experience. We propose a historical and artistic itinerary, to discover some of the most interesting and important corners of the Medieval history of Barcelona.

Starting with the nerve center in Plaza Catalunya, crossing the Ramblas, enter the Portaferrissa, one of the gates of the old medieval wall, arrive at Santa Maria del Pi, a place that during the weekend, is full of street artists. It can be accessed from Palla street to the Plaza Nova, where the cathedral is located. From here you can go to the Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, undoubtedly one of the most important corners of the city. From here we recommend you to reach the Casa de l’Ardiaca, an example of a noble residence of the fifteenth century.

barcelona bike

Another place that you cannot miss is the Plaza del Rey, a unique location in the city. Underfoot are preservered the remains of what was the Roman city Barcino. On the top are preserved impressive vestiges of the medieval city. You will reach the Plaça Sant Jaume, where Barcelona city hall and the government of the Generalitat are located. During the Roman era, it also was the public and political center. To finish the tour, you can have a drink at one of the many terraces you’ll find in the Gothic district.

Difficulty: LEVEL 2 – Recreation – Be cautious of pedestrians on the narrow streets


barcelona bike

The neighborhood of Vila de Gràcia, is a neighborhood full of squares and narrow streets, less touristy than Gothic, but with great charm and own personality. It is known for its lively pedestrian streets and squares. The area is populated by artists and bohemians. In the proposed route you can visit the main sites, including: the gardens of Salvador Espriu, the Plaza de la Vila de Gràcia, Plaza del Sol, another nice corner of the neighborhood, which has become one of the places of leisure, social life and frequented night bustle of Barcelona, the Central Albacería market, still keeps the atmosphere of the most popular Gràcia. Plaza de la Virreina, we will find the parish church of Sant Joan and small workers’ houses that hide the aftertaste of what had been a small town, the market of Liberty space of the former Constitution Square, where the farmers used to sell vegetables and fowls.

barcelona bike

The neighborhood of Gracia is perfect for those looking for something a little different or for those who may have visited Barcelona and want to experience a different tourism site. You’ll feel you’ve discovered a new Barcelona!

Difficulty: LEVEL 2 – Recreation – Be cautious of pedestrians on the narrow streets


Now you just have to rent a UUALK ebike to enjoy Barcelona on wheels!


Contact Happy People Barcelona Customer service for more inoformation.

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