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Barcelona with children. Top 10 Activities to enjoy Barcelona with children

Posted by happypeople on Tuesday April 26th, 2016
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Barcelona is a fantastic city that offers entertainment for all visitors. Today, at Happy People Barcelona’s blog, we will recommend you the top 10 activities to do with children and make the most of the city.

At Happy People Barcelona, we often host families with children of all ages. Both parents and kids often explain us about their visits and the activities they have liked the most in Barcelona.

This is the TOP 10 Activities to do with children in Barcelona, according to our guests:



The Tibidabo Amusement Park is located on Mount Tibidabo, offering fantastic views of Barcelona to those who spend the day there with the family. Tibidabo is an emblematic centenary park, a magical place, with attractions for all ages.

For younger kids, we recommend quiet but entertaining attractions such as the Camí del Cel, the carousel or Ferris wheel. For older we suggest the Pirate Ship, Tibidabo Express Train or Rollercoaster. For the bravest, Tibidabo offers a Terror Hotel (Hotel Krüeger) as well as an attraction with 360º turns (the Hurakan).

If you want to get on the attractions adult ticket worth € 28.50, admission for children (less than 1.20m) is priced at 10.30 €. If you want to visit the park, enjoy the viewpoints but do not jump to any attraction, admission is free! Be careful, when planning your trip, check Tibidabo’s calendar as in January and February the amusement park is closed. The rest of the year Tibidabo opens on weekends, holidays and summer.



Visiting the Aquarium is one of the favorite experiences of families staying at Happy People Barcelona. It’s an educational and entertaining activity. When visiting l’Aquarium de Barcelona, you dive into the deep sea and discover a fascinating world.

L’Aquarium is the world’s most important Mediterranean marine leisure and education center. A set of 35 tanks, 11,000 animals of 450 different species, a unique underwater tunnel 80 meters long, six million liters of water and an immense Oceanarium in Europe, turn this center into a unique, reference leisure that has already been visited by more than 14 million people.

  • ZOO


Barcelona Zoo is located in the Ciutadella Park. Strolling through the Zoo with your children is a fun way to learn about the animals in the world. Barcelona Zoo has 4000 animals of over 400 species: dolphins, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, orangutans, hippos, lions, flamingos, penguins, anacondas, crocodiles, and many more. There is no doubt that through this visit not only the kids will learn about new species, but also the adults. If you leave very hungry near there is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona.



After visiting the zoo, take a walk around Ciutadella Park, let your kids run and play in the playground, or picnic. It is a great plan.



CosmoCaixa Museum occupies the premises of the first interactive Science Museum of Spain, opened in 1981. Now the new CosmoCaixa offers more than 30,000 square meters of facilities devoted to popularizing science for all audiences.

For families there are great spaces and workshops such as the new 3D planetarium, Creativity (test space for children to practice the art of thinking with their hands, as they design, create and experience), Touch, touch! (activity of environmental awareness), Clik (space for children to enjoy scientific discovery through games and observation), Planetary bubble (with the help of a monitor, kids learn about the movement of the Earth around the Sun and make a trip through the stars), life millions of years ago… (set of tracks, found the meteorite and travel through time from the origin of Earth 4,500 million years ago, until today), the mysterious microscopic life (set of tracks, learn about the tiniest things in our environment), Amazon forest animals (guided tour) and Operation H2O! (Familiar laboratory).



Spending a day at Port Aventura will be a gift for your children. Port Aventura is one of the largest theme parks in Europe. The park is divided into five cultural areas, full of attractions for all ages. Explore Mediterranean, Mexico, Far West, China and Polynesia. There are 37 attractions, a hundred daily shows and many shops, restaurants and cafes.

The star attraction is undoubtedly Shambhala (not suitable for children), the highest roller coaster in Europe, which will test your nerves with an impressive drop of 78 meters. It is the fastest hypercoaster in Europe as it reaches the incredible speed of 134 km/h in the first run.

To go to Port Aventura from Barcelona you can go by car or train. RENFE train has a stop at Port Aventura.



A very convenient way to discover Barcelona from end to end without being exhausted is to take the tourist bus. It has two routes through the city and shows you the main tourist attractions through the explanations through headphones in 12 different languages. The bus has two floors, with panoramic views upstairs to enjoy the good weather of Barcelona.

You can buy the ticket for a day or two days. If you buy it in Happy People Barcelona, you will have 1 € discount. With tour bus tickets you can get off the bus as many times as you want and take again the bus when you have finished your visits to continue touring the city peacefully. It is a very interesting option when traveling with children.

Bus frequencies range from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the time of year, and each route takes approximately 2 hours.



Why not, if you come to Barcelona with your children, you have to spend at least one morning at the beach. You can also take a bike ride along the beaches of Barcelona and amire its majesty. The beaches of Barcelona are not the most magnificent in the world, but children are not as fussy as adults. With the waves and the sand, they will enjoy butt! At the same time, you can relax, sunbathe and read a good book.



If your kids like football, they will love going to Camp Nou Museum! Visiting this museum is very entertaining. It has interactive murals, multimedia area, and a large collection of souvenirs and memorabilia. The museum has a part that explains the history and values of the club. You can also enter the stadium (the largest in Europe), the dressing room of the visiting team, the tunnel – imagine for a moment that you go into a game and 100,000 people cheer you – and access the field from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire stadium.

Leaving the museum you will pass by the Barça store. You have to be prepared because both children and not so children tend to fall in love with all kinds of souvenirs or sports clothing with high prices. If you’re lucky, you can also watch a game live, buying a ticket to see FC Barcelona.



So far our top 10 attractions to visit in Barcelona when traveling with children. Do you agree? Have we forgotten somewhere important?

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