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Apartments In Barcelona with HappyPeopleBarcelona

Happy People Barcelona manages the rental of holiday apartments in Barcelona, the best apartments in the city. 97% of the guests who stay in our apartments say that they have felt comfortable and that the complementary services we provide meet their most demanding expectations.

Happy People Barcelona’s team strives to achieve our main objective, which is our customers’s satisfaction.

Happy People Barcelona manages holiday apartments in the center of Barcelona and  rents them to citizens of the world for days or for months. These apartments are designed and decorated with great taste and offer all the facilities needed to guarantee that our guests “feel at home”.

Currently, we have over 40 apartments for holiday rental grouped in four buildings. Each building has its history and personality.

Happy People Sagrada Familia Gaudí, also known as La Casa de los Herreros (blacksmith’s house), is situated just 50 meters from the Sagrada Familia. It is a building, built in the late nineteenth century, which has been fully restored in 2014. It offers holiday apartments for two, four, six and eight people. From the roof terrace of the building you can see the towers of the Sagrada Familia. The unique pictures shoot from there during the evening are a beautiful souvenir of the holidays from our customers.

 Apartments In Barcelona  with HappyPeopleBarcelona

La Casa de Montjuïc (Montjuïc House) is located between Avenida Paral·lel and the Park on Montjuic’s Mountain. Happy People Barcelona has restored a beautiful building that was built by the year 1840. At that time, in the basement of the building there was a dairy where was sold the milk from cows grazing in the meadows. The building has now over 10 apartments rehabilitated in 2012, with a modern and comfortable style.

On Corsega street, next to Hospital de Sant Pau, is located another fantastic building managed by Happy People Barcelona. On its rooftop there is a lovely terrace from where we can see Barcelona’s coast and where the Mediterranean Sea is drawn in the horizon. The building has rehabilitated apartments with fine materials such as bricks made with clay from Llobregat, limestone and noble wood for beams placed transversely in the ceilings of the rooms.

Plaza España is one of the nerve centers of the city of Barcelona. In its surroundings there is another building of Happy People Barcelona designed for families. It allows a capacity of two, four, six or eight people and includes all the facilities that our guests need. In the basement of this building was located a carpentry that made solid wood structures for the buildings that were constructed in the surrounding area during the early twentieth century. The trunks of oak and black pine came in old trucks from the north of the province of Barcelona, Berguedà’s forest, where the weather makes such trees develop magnificently. In 2014 all the apartments were rehabilitated and services were installed in the building to offer full comfort to tourists coming to visit Barcelona and staying at Happy People Barcelona Apartments.

Our four buildings of holiday apartments are full of charm and we are confident that you will love to stay there. In addition, the main objective of our team is that our guests enjoy their stay in Barcelona. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

Book now your tourist rental apartment in Barcelona for days or for months.