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Posted by happypeople on Friday December 11th, 2015
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Rental flats for students in Barcelona

Our student apartments have a fantastic location in the charming neighborhood of Gracia. A lively area surrounded by bars, shops, restaurants and well served by public transport.

Each student staying in our apartments have their own private bedroom for personal use, with an individual access card. Students share the common areas of our apartments (living room, kitchen, bathrooms and terraces). Each student is responsible for cleaning what he uses and gets dirty. Anyway, every week, the company that manages the student apartments will send a maintenance professional person to perform a general cleaning of common areas.
Book now your bedroom in a student apartment in Barcelona!

Tourist Licenses: HUTB-009185, HUTB-009186

Student Apartments Carrer de l’Or

41.5 70 m2
Book now your bedroom in our fantastic student apartments in Gracia! ...
Book now your bedroom in our fantastic student apartments in Gracia! ...
from 400 € /month

Students from around the world choose Barcelona for their studies
66% of College students from European countries have choosen Barcelona university to complete their studies. Furthermore, the master’s degree demand from foreign students aiming for Barcelona has increased exponentially. Young people want to live in cosmopolitan cities, with nice weather and renowned universities where they can study a wide range of subjects and get their degree. It is also a great experience to leave abroad, meet new people and gain independence.
Thanks to Barcelona public transport network (metro, bus, train, bicycle, or even walking) the city is very well connected and the students can live in a neighborhood and study in another.
To live in Barcelona, the best option for students is to share an apartment with other students. Thus, the students enjoy the company of new friends, they share the experience of living far from home and discover a new city, they share domestic issues and, at the same time, they have privacy having their own bedroom that can be only opened with their key.
The loneliness of a dorm, or the impersonality of a hostel room, are not what a student prefers. Students look for flats located in nice and lifely neighborhoods, where locals live, and where everything is close, such as the market, the library, public transport, places to meet, terraces where they can enjoy the Mediterranean sun while taking a snack, restaurants, bars, clubs… And above all, neighborhoods where other international students live, like them, sharing a student flat.
Currently students seeking apartment in Barcelona for their studies come mainly from European countries (France, Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Denmark,…) while students coming from the rest of the world are mostly from the United States, Australia, Japan and Canada.
Students, that have previously choosen to stay in a shared flat in order to get integrated into the community during some months, highlight two things when they first arrive to Barcelona: they love the light of Mediterranean sun and friendliness of local people.

Read the experiences of some of our guests
“Upon arrival at the train station in Barcelona, I didn’t know how to take the metro and asked a group of people of my age. They were very friendly. With a mixture of Spanish and English, they told me which ticket was the best to buy (T-10), they showed me how to get to the platform and even one of them was going in the same direction as me and walked me to the door of the shared students apartment in which I had hired a room. By chance, this guy lives on the building next door. Two months after my arrival, from time to time, we meet and have a beer together in Gracia bars.” Andrew Hoffman. United Kingdom. January 2015

“I didn’t know whether to finish my medical studies in Rome or Barcelona. A friend of mine who had been living in Barcelona recommended me the experience and I submitted my application. They accepted me in Barcelona :)! I’ve lived in the city for five months and I’ve fallen in love, I do not want to come back to Brussels… I have stayed in the same students apartment during all this period. We have become very close friends, we are like a family. We share our sorrows, joys, beer, music and some books. I hope I can do my internship in a hospital in Barcelona and keep living here. It is an amazing experience, super recommended. It is impossible to explain, you have to live it to understand it.” Paulino Nazareth. Brussels November 2014

“Every morning I go to college on my bike and it takes about 10 minutes pedaling through the streets of Barcelona. It is a nice way and when I come back home I stop in the supermarket to buy something for dinner. An easy, simple and joyful life. The Gracia is amazing.” Martina Gleinn. Nimes 2014

“Now we are four students sharing an apartment. We are from four different nationalities, four different cultures. Everyone does his best to coexist. I’ll miss them when I’ll come back home.” Yoko Katoyno. Pekin 2014

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