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Rental apartments in Barcelona

Apartments Happy People Gracia...

Dec 11, 2015
Rental flats for students in Barcelona Our student apartments have a fantastic ...
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Apartments Happy People Ramblas Harbour...

May 05, 2015
Tourist Rental Apartments near las Ramblas Are you looking for holiday apartments ...
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Apartments Happy People Sagrada Familia Gaudí...

May 05, 2015
Tourist rent apartments near the Sagrada Familia Basilica Happy People Sagrada Familia Gaudí ...
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Apartment Happy People Maragall...

Apr 24, 2015
Luxury holiday rental apartment with pool in Barcelona Happy People Maragall apartment ...
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Apartamentos Sagrada Familia Córcega...

May 28, 2014
Rental apartments near the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia and Hospital de ...
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Apartments Happy People Plaza España...

May 27, 2014
Rental apartments in Barcelona, near Plaza España If you are looking for ...
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Rental apartments in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city for all its people. Both, those living in the city and those who are visiting. Happy People Apartments’ team devotes all its efforts to make your stay in our tourist apartments as “happy” as possible. Barcelona is one of the most visited and loved World’s tourist destinations. Since the Olympic Games in 1992 and thanks to the urban development in the city, Barcelona has lived a spectacular economic boom, including the development and professionalism in tourist apartment’s management.

87% of our customers say that they would like to stay again in our tourist apartments when they come back to Barcelona and confirm that they enjoyed so much their stay that they will recommend it to their friends and family. Living in tourist apartments is more homey than staying in a hotel or hostel. It allows a closer relationship with the citizens of Barcelona as you will go to their shops to buy groceries, or to the kiosk to buy your newspaper… Besides, staying in tourist apartments allows greater freedom of schedules.

Happy People Apartments listens to their clients’ questions and suggestions in order to understand and meet their needs. Our guest’s comfort is our priority. We have rehabilitated our apartments with the use of modern materials combined with brick walls and wooden beams from the early twentieth century, with the purpose to please our customers and make them feel comfortable when enjoying a well-deserved vacation at our apartments in Barcelona.

Happy People Apartments’ team is composed of happy people with enthusiasm, eager to offer a happy experience and trained to provide value to our customers’ stay. We know the city and its corners and we are at our clients’ disposal to guide them, recommend and suggest visits, museums, restaurants, monuments, shows… that they might enjoy.

Our tourist apartments, recently renovated, with great locations in the city of Barcelona, combined with a professional team ready to assist, help us to offer a happy experience to the guests that rent our apartments for their deserved days off.

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Barcelona, a city to live

– “My first experience renting a tourist apartment in Barcelona with Happy People Apartments has been super-positive. I could reconcile my family life – we have two children aged 3 and 6 years – with sightseeing and visiting the emblematic places of Barcelona.” said Cécile Marcet from Toulouse, France.

Our guests’ satisfaction level is very high and they share it through the social networks

“We had four days to visit Barcelona and an endless list of places to visit. Even my husband wanted to visit the Museum of FC Barcelona. As we rented an apartment with Happy People Barcelona that was really well connected, it allowed us to enjoy the most of our mornings, come back home for cooking, having lunch and a short nap, and in the afternoon continue visiting other places. People were charming and the city fantastic! Everything perfect.” Mays Taglinatell. Verona.

Our experience managing tourist apartments for families for several years, and our love and devotion for things well done, makes us one of the leading companies in tourist apartment management in Barcelona and makes that Happy People Barcelona’s team is outstandingly valued by our customers.

– “Our plane was delayed more than two hours and, as we arrived late and did not know the city, we contacted Happy People staff to ask for a shuttle service from the airport to the apartment we had rented. After landing and picking up our luggage, we found Victor that was smiling and waiting for us. He drove us to the apartment, gave us the keys and even recommended us an excellent restaurant nearby for great pizzas. Today it’s our first day in Barcelona and while we are having an orange juice on the terrace of our apartment, we are preparing and planning the visits for today. We are so excited.” Ana Costas and five more friends. Mendoza. Argentina

According to the latest official data, 25% of tourists visiting Barcelona, rent a holiday apartment. The demand for tourist apartments has increased in recent years as we look more and more for good price accommodations that offer the possibility to feel like a local when traveling and enjoy our freedom. Barcelona is the city that has the largest number of tourist apartments in Spain. Located in strategic areas of the city, tourist apartments allow their guests to experience Barcelona in a different way, more authentic.

The Mediterranean light, the wide range of colors, the sensations that awaken our senses, the calm and personality of the people who inhabit Barcelona, children’s smiles and elders’ looks,… this unique and different city marvel all tourists who visit us. Barcelona is now a premier tourist destination, desired and loved by people from everywhere.

“The light is spectacular, from dawn until the sun sets, there is a sense of life that runs through its streets and squares. We are impressed. Our friends had told us, but if you do not see it and feel it, you cannot understand it. We live in a small town, north of Oslo and as you can imagine the differences are conspicuous.” Marc Ostensille. Oslo. April 2015.

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